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"Kailey Prior’s lilting melodies and buttery yodels illuminate her intimate lyrics, leaving hearts warm and heartstrings thoroughly tugged."


Kailey uses her voice and her poetry to connect with and articulate her experiences as a queer woman, and as a human. Everyone hurts, everyone loves, everyone fears and fights and recovers. With her unique interpretation of her own ups and downs and in betweens, Kailey aims to lend a voice to the unheard and unseen. 


A lover of storytelling, Kailey’s songwriting is reminiscent of Brandi Carlile, Joni Mitchell, and Ingrid Michaelson. Folky vocal inflection and creative jabs at the patriarchy adorn many of her tunes, while a deep appreciation for the power of vulnerability and introspection is a driving force throughout her creative works.


While born and raised in Massachusetts, Kailey has found a home in Brooklyn NYC where she enjoys baking, tending to her plants, and flirting with the many musical instruments that are tucked into all corners of her home. Well versed on guitar, piano, violin, bass, and trombone, Kailey can play over 20 instruments, including the saxophone, marimba, harp, and double bass, and is always looking to try any new ones that cross her path. 


You can follow Kailey's journey on Instagram and Facebook @kaileypriormusic 

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