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"If anybody has mastered the delicate balance between heart-hugs and fuck-yous, it’s Kailey Prior... She’s on fire with talent, nurturing a signature sound humming with warmth in every single element from her voice to her arrangements to her lyrics."

~Savannah Davanzo, The Music Mermaid - August 2019

“Through” continues this theme of Prior discovering her own worth and moving on from people who hold her back. The plucky, upbeat riffs here make for the brightest, happiest breakup song you’ll ever hear. 

~Gabriel Aikins, Substream Magazine - June 2019

"Prior displays exhilarating skill with her vocal cords, an electrifyingly charming yodel pursing her lips, worthy of Eddie Arnold."

~Jason Scott, B-Sides and Badlands - June 2019

"['We're Okay' has a] traditional folk sound, but the third track "Sleepwalker" [has a] contemporary sound like [a] broadway musical...her vocal is reminiscent of Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette."

~Toshio Maeoka, PM Studio - June 2019

"Kailey Prior’s lilting melodies and buttery yodels illuminate her intimate lyrics, leaving hearts warm and heartstrings thoroughly tugged...Her diverse musical experience is mirrored in the intricacies and unique character of her music."

~Laura Calpan, Gig-Soup - June 2019

"I write music as a way to connect to and share my own experiences as a queer woman and as a human. My hope is that by writing honestly about my dark corners and sore spots, listeners will feel less alone as they work through their own."

~Interview with Alessandra from CelebMix - June 2019

“Assume” gives the finger to anyone who’s ever taken advantage of you, made narrow judgments about you, or has otherwise treated you unfairly. 

~Neil Frazer, OutLoud Culture - June 2019

"Sara Bareilles meets Brandi Carlile, with a Joni Mitchell twist. Expect folky yodels, wordplay, and some rhythmic anomalies."

~Interview with Dean Amond from FYIG - June 2019
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